How Parseur made remote working a success!

What is remote working?

How did Parseur reach out to me for remote work?

How did Parseur make remote working successful?

Notion for collaboration and task management

Zoom for scheduling meetings

Google Drive for cloud storage

Telegram for daily interactions (if needed)

Who said that working with a SaaS company is boring?

Neha & Sylvestre at La Plage, Evaco, Mauritius
Yes! We have fun as well (without getting scratched!)

Five top tips to make remote working a success

1. Prep your workstation at home

2. Planning & organizing your week/days

3. Co-working spaces & coffee shops when you want to change the work environment

  • You change your working environment each time which help with your creativity
  • You meet and network with other professionals and make friends
  • You discover new cozy coffee shops

4. Maintaining regular communications with your team

5. Take breaks and leave your workstation at least 2–3 times per day



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Neha Gunnoo from

Neha Gunnoo from

Growth and Marketing Lead at Parseur is a powerful email parsing tool that automates data extraction from emails and documents.